Come Home to Captain Lord Mansion

Ultimate Kennebunkport Authenticity

If there is one word that describes our historic Kennebunkport inn, it would undoubtedly be: authentic. 

Built in the early 19th century by renowned businessman and shipbuilder, Nathaniel Lord, Captain Lord Mansion gives our guests the chance to travel back in time to experience the original vision that Lord desired for his family in their unique hand-crafted home. The spirit of coastal New England’s history can be felt from the original artwork displayed throughout our four-diamond bed and breakfast.

Time-Honored Touches

A serene and relaxing trip is what we pride ourselves on delivering to our guests here at Captain Lord Mansion. With spacious rooms and gas fireplaces, we want to ensure you can fully unwind here. For the last 40 years, accommodating our guests has been at the forefront of our priorities and how we can guarantee an intimate and welcoming Maine coast inn.

We have taken the time to individually decorate each inviting guest room to establish an authentic experience for anyone who spends a night with us. Our unique rooms establish a historical feel, yet exude elegance, romance and luxury through the personal touches, like the lovely hand-sewn drapes, bed skirts & comforters by Bev, our talented innkeeper.

Though we want guests to feel the classic touches of life in Lord’s time, we’ve updated the mansion to include complimentary wi-fi and other modern amenities to make your stay more comfortable. In addition to the attention to detail on our interiors, we also maintain each garden, terrace, and patio ourselves, to make sure that our entire property is beautiful inside and out.

Earnest Efforts

Another priority at the Mansion is our philanthropic presence throughout the community of Kennebunkport, such as the events and activities below.

Dime for Time

For eight years now, Captain Lord Mansion has participated in the Lois Ann Fincher Memorial “Dime for Time” Campaign. This campaign is close to our hearts as it honors our innkeeper’s sister, who fought and lost her battle with breast cancer. By staying with us, you help raise our contributions to breast cancer research and continue to honor the memory of Lois and all of those who have been affected by this disease.


Recently, Captain Lord Mansion partnered with Kennebunkport’s New England EcoAdventures. We’re excited to now offer even more fun opportunities to our guests with this partnership while also contributing to our community’s economy.

Honest & Genuine Experiences

In addition to giving back to the town, we also value the experiences of our guests, which is why we strive to make personalized recommendations for local eats, tours, and other experiences. As innkeepers, we hope to keep Lord’s vision alive, and never become ordinary or common while remaining classic, unique, and luxurious. We can ensure your stay at Captain Lord Mansion will not only take you back in time but be uniquely yours!

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