Top Places to Propose in Kennebunkport

When you’ve chosen the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, popping the question can feel so stressful that it may cause panic. You may find yourself asking questions like, “Do I need a hot air balloon?”, “Should I hire a skywriter?”, or “Do I need a photographer so we can Instagram it?” Take our advice and just remember to K.I.S.S. – keep it simply special. Just come to the coast for a romantic getaway in Maine where it’s easy to plan a private and magical moment that you’ll both remember forever. Keep reading for a few of our favorite places to propose in Kennebunkport.


Propose at the Grotto in Kennebunkport

Franciscan Monastery Grounds

Whether you’re religious or not, the grounds at the Franciscan Monastery make a wonderful place to propose and are open to everyone. There’s a feeling of peace and tranquility among the grounds that will touch your soul, and it almost feels as if they’re blessing your union. There are so many special spots to choose from within their 66 acres of sprawling lawns, riverside walking paths, and manicured English gardens. There’s even a magnificent grotto with beautiful stonework that serves as a practice altar!


Man holding ring behind his back waiting to propose at Parsons Beach in Kennebunkport

Parsons Beach

If you’re looking for a water backdrop to go with your big question, then we recommend proposing at Parsons Beach – we can provide a lobster roll picnic to bring with you! The limited parking near the beach may seem like a disadvantage, but it actually works in your favor, in that it keeps the crowds away. It may be a long walk from your car, but the beautiful scenery and fresh air make it feel more like a nature hike. This privately owned, yet publicly accessible beach offers everything you could want for a perfect proposal, including beautiful views for photos and soft sand to kneel on.


Man proposing to a woman holding flowers and umbrella in the rain

St. Anne’s Church Grounds

If there ever was a postcard-worthy scene in Kennebunkport, the grounds at St. Anne’s Church, otherwise known as St. Anne’s by the Sea, would be it. The historic stone building, set against the manicured gardens and expansive views of the Gulf of Maine, create a beautiful backdrop for your romantic moment. Your loved one’s eyes will sparkle like the colorful stained glass windows in the Chapel when they realize what’s happening. Plan ahead by contacting the church, just to make sure they won’t be hosting a private event on your proposal day. If you plan on strolling down Ocean Avenue or staying past their closing hours, make sure to park outside their gate so you don’t get locked in.


Propose in Ganny's Garden in Kennebunkport

Ganny’s Garden

Not as historic as some of the other places to propose, but just as beautiful, is Ganny’s Garden – a living dedication to our former First Lady, Barbara Bush. Located in the heart of town on the grounds of the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust, this special place is filled with the warmth of one of America’s biggest lovers of family. What better place to start your personal path to family than in this peaceful garden inspired by a treasured matriarch?


Happy woman accepting a proposal on romantic Kennebunkport getaway

Captain Lord Mansion’s Grounds

You don’t have to go far to find the perfect place to propose during your romantic east coast getaway in Kennebunkport. The grounds at Captain Lord Mansion provide two special spots to pop the question. First is the Captain Lord Cupola, which provides a lovely view of the area and marina. It will add to the “top of the world” feeling you’ll have when s/he says, “Yes!” If the classic garden setting is more your style, then our very own Memory Garden will provide all of the charm and sweet smells needed to set the mood. Return year after year to celebrate your magical moment and we’ll grace you with your very own stone to become a permanent part of the Captain Lord family.


Romantic room at Captain Lord Mansion

Start Planning Your Happily Ever After!

Let Captain Lord Mansion play a special part in your love story. Not only can we provide the most romantic place to stay in Kennebunkport, but we’re happy to help guide you to the best restaurants, and things to do in Maine. All you’ll need to do is pick one of our luxurious rooms or suites and pack your bags, but don’t forget to bring the ring and your confidence! We can’t wait to help you celebrate the start of the rest of your lives together!

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