Bev Davis’ Top 6 Decorating Tips from The Captain Lord Mansion

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This Blog is about Bev Davis’ Top 6 decorating tips from the Captain Lord Mansion!  Bev does not have a degree in interior decorating, but she does have a God-given gift plus 36 years experience in decorating both the four guest rooms at Captain’s Garden House as well as the sixteen guest rooms at the Captain Lord Mansion.  Additionally, she did all the decorating at the Captain’s Hideaway, our intimate, two guest-room Bed & Breakfast that we owned for about ten years between 1987 and 1996.

1. Lighting is the Life of a Room:

  • Bedroom: Bev recommends a lamp beside each side of the bed with at least a 100 watt bulb.  A small lamp on the dresser is also recommended, especially if there is a mirror there. If you have a chair in the bedroom, there should be a floor lamp beside it.
  • Living Room/Den: Three types of lighting is needed.
  1. Mood: Interesting lamps or sconces should be placed for decor
  2. Reading: Floor and table lamps should be placed beside chairs and couches
  3. Overall: Ceiling lights should be on rheostats or in lighted ceiling fans

2. Color tips: Color popularity changes about every 5 years. Bev recommends careful attention to avoid “trendy” colors, especially in large living areas due to the expense of redoing those areas.  Blue has been out of favor for at least 15 years, while warm tones have dominated during that period.  However, blue is making a comeback; is this a trend or return of an important color?  Also, a monochromatic palette with one color accent is quite popular now.

3. Fabrics: Re-upholstering furniture is very expensive today, so Bev recommends to stay away from any amount of acetate in fabrics when purchasing or selecting fabrics for re-upholstering. Acetate looks and feels like silk; however, it does not hold up in even moderate wear.

4. Space: Bev strongly recommends leaving white or blank spaces. Every table and shelf does not have to be “full” of stuff.  Book shelves can be enhanced by placing a few books, curios or mementos on the same shelf, leaving open space between the items as well as open shelves.  Side tables can become “clutter catchers”, so have a basket or interesting decorative containers beside couches and chairs for magazines and newspapers.  Side table should have one or two drawers to store nail clippers, pens, note papers, coasters, etc.  Thus, these items can be out of sight, but handy when needed.

5. Mirrors:  These are important in any room!  Somewhere in the home there should be a full-length mirror.  Every bedroom should have at least one good size mirror over a dresser.  If possible, place a mirror near both the front and rear entrances so arriving/departing guests may check themselves.

6. Be aware of Your Surroundings:  Bev pays attention to everything, everywhere we travel.  She observes other decorating schemes at hotels, restaurants, furniture stores, as well as peruses magazines that come to the Captain Lord Mansion.  She says “Decorating ideas are around you all the time”.

We hope these suggestions and ideas are helpful when planning your own decorating projects.  Your innkeepers, Bev Davis and Rick Litchfield

Bev and Rick 35th