Top 5 Kennebunkport Maine Lobster Pounds

Kennebunkport Maine Lobster

This is the fourth installment of my recommendations for the best Kennebunkport restaurants.  This posting is for the Top 5 Kennebunkport Maine Lobster Pounds as recommended by the #1 rated Kennebunkport bed and breakfast by TripAdvisor.  The most famous of Kennebunkport’s lobster pounds is Nunan’s Lobster Hut, founded in 1932.  This is the ultimate lobster pound-type place; it has long tables, bench seats, communal seating and serves only lobster; but it serves the best blueberry pie (my opinion) in Maine.  Nunan’s does not take reservations and there is usually a wait for seating in peak season.   The Captain’s Restaurant is located in Cape Porpoise (part of Kennebunkport) just around the corner from Nunan’s.  The Captain’s is more of a regular-style restaurant with individual tables and chairs, but ultra casual.  However, the lobster and other seafood dishes are fabulous.   I love going here after a long day at the inn and just relaxing over a beer and a freshly-steamed lobster.  The Cape Pier Chowder House is located right on the pier in Cape Porpoise and it is just the place for freshly-steamed lobsters for lunch.  Choose your live lobster out of their tank and then enjoy your meal while gazing over the Cape Porpoise Harbor.  Watch the lobster boats come and go and listen to the squawk of seagulls in the distance.  It is quintessential Maine.  Lucas on Nine is another Kennebunkport Lobster Pound and it too is located on Route 9 in Cape Porpoise; hence the name.  This is a spacious restaurant with lots of tables and chairs, but again extremely casual.   You will find the usual seafood menu items, but the specialty is steamed lobster.   So, if a long wait and communal seating at Nunan’s is not your cup of tea, then either the Captain’s or Lucas on Nine will fit the bill.  The Clam Shack, which is located on the bridge in Dock Square, is not really a “lobster pound”; however, it has the best fried clams in the town.  It is located adjacent to a seafood market where you can purchase live lobsters to go.  Beware of low flying seagulls which will snatch your french fries!  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield