What are Kennebunkport’s Top 5 “Farm to Table” Boutique Restaurants?

Kennebunkport’s Top 5 “Farm to Table” Boutique Restaurants are Bandaloop, 50 Local, Earth, The Village Tavern and Joshua’s.  The Captain Lord Mansion is pleased to make these recommendations and share our favorite menus items.

Bev and I love dining at each of these small establishments not only because of the fresh ingredients used in their offerings and their distinctive menus, but also because they offer a different dining experience.  We have favorite items we like to order at each restaurant. The challenge is that since the menus regularly change due to changing produce availability, we become stuck in a rut of ordering our favorite menu item. We should be more adventuresome!

Farm to Table

At Bandaloop I love their “Wilted Organic Spinach Salad”. From the menu description; “It is a quick saute of red onion, broccoli, artichoke hearts, grape tomatoes and finished with sheep’s milk feta and toasted pine nuts.” Additionally, it can be ordered with chicken, steak or shrimp on top.  This is one scrumptious salad!

Fresh Haddock

At 50 Local I personally like their “Crispy Haddock” which is served with “Hand Cut Fries” and their own version of a delicious tartar sauce.  Though several items on their menu change based upon product availability, I can always depend on freshly-caught haddock being on the menu. If you are a fan of traditional “Fish & Chips,” you’ll love their interpretation of this traditional Maine dish.

Wood-Fired Lobster

Earth is a culinary and experiential delight in that it is tucked away in the woods at Hidden Pond, the new resort close to Goose Rocks Beach.  Much of their greens are grown right on their own grounds.  Their signature dish is”Wood-Fired Lobster with green garlic butter, fresh garbanzo beans, Meyer lemon and chamomile.”  However, I am a fan of their “Diver Scallops served with smoked potato puree, Fiddle Head, baby fennel and Vidalia onions.  This is a combination of their locally-grown greens combined with local scallops; a tasty dish!

Fresh Mussels

The Village Tavern in West Kennebunk is another new restaurant offering terrific food with local content.  Bev’s favorite dish here is the steamed mussels.  These are the plumpest, most delicious mussels which I have ever tasted.  Bev likes hers in the “herbs and Pernod cream” sauce; however, they also are offered in a traditional “Marinara” sauce.

Fresh Fish Entrees

Joshua’s is really located in Wells, a short drive from the Port. However, this restaurant is worth the drive.  My favorite dish here is the “Atlantic Haddock” served with a “caramelized onion crust, chive oil served over a mild mushroom risotto.”  Since we live near where the fish are caught, you can never go wrong ordering Atlantic Haddock; Joshua’s always has the freshest, most delicious fish entrees.

Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield