Top 10 Secret Places :: Explore Kennebunkport

There is no shortage of Kennebunkport area activities to discover. Peruse our top 10 list of must see and do activities and make note of the ones that interest you. On your next trip north you will have all the items you need for the best, most unique Kennebunkport vacation of all time! Check it out, we’re spilling all of our secrets…


Belted Galloways: These are the “Oreo cookie” cows; black with a white band around their middle. Most days, they can be seen grazing in a field at a near-by farm. In the early Spring you can even see newborn claves. Seek out one of these amazing creatures and make a great picture memory of Kennebunkport.

The Seashore Trolley Museum: This nearby transportation museum has the largest collection of functioning old trolleys in the world.  Take a ride back in time and discover it for yourself!

The Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm: The Wells Reserve is a national treasure. It is 2,250 acres of protected land, a restored saltwater farm called Laudholm and a natural haven for wildlife.  It is open to the public every day and offers beautiful trails for hiking and cross-country skiing. Be sure to use bug spray on your shoes and pants! Remember this little tip and you will have a great time!

The Brick Store Museum: This Maine Museum was founded in 1936 and today it is the focal point for the history of the area. The museum features five historical buildings with 70,000 artifacts and archival materials relating to the heritage of the Kennebunks. It’s a perfect activity for history enthusiasts and regulars who want to learn more about their favorite vacation spot!


Parson’s Beach: Travel from Route 9 along the winding road lined with ancient maple trees to one of the prettiest and most secluded Maine beaches. Bring a book and a beach towel and spend all day soaking up the warm sun rays or stop by for a picturesque walk any time of the year. It’s always a gorgeous place to see Maine.

Cape Porpoise Harbor: This picturesque working harbor is quintessential old-time Maine; see lobster boats lined up like sentinels in the harbor.  Have a lobster lunch at the pier and watch the seagulls swoop over the fish pier trying to snatch a morsel of fish-bait. It will give you the best little snapchat of our gorgeous ocean town.

Spouting Rock & Blowing Cave: Two natural rock formations on Ocean Avenue where the rising tides create spectacular water shows. Take in the stunning views on a romantic night out or on your own to enjoy a peaceful time outside in Maine’s beauty.

Franciscan Monastery: A secluded spot for quiet contemplation amid rolling lawns, shrines and wooded paths along the Kennebunk River. This is the location for Candlelight Caroling at the Christmas Prelude. If your holiday break is bringing you to Kennebunkport this year, take note!


Old Trolley Line Bicycling Path: Looking for an off-road bicycling path? This is it; this rugged path runs from North Street to Cape Porpoise. Be sure to use bug spray!

Eastern Trail Bicycle Path: This is an easy bicycling trail which runs through the woods from Kennebunk to Biddeford, a distance of about 6 miles.

Want even more ideas of local destinations and places to check out? Ask your Captain Lord Mansion staff!