Fun in the Sun with Sea Adventures in Kennebunkport

Throughout time and still today, many have been drawn to explore the oceans. In the northernmost point of New England, the beautiful Atlantic is home to several summer activities in Maine and memorable experiences for those willing to take the plunge. Read on for your exclusive guide to making the most of your Kennebunkport getaway and sea adventures at Captain Lord Mansion.

a man and woman drinking champagne on a sailboatSchooner Eleanor

The Schooner Eleanor is ready to take you on a relaxing cruise down the Kennebunk River. Passengers on board will have the opportunity to learn about some local maritime history, sit back and take in the beautiful scenery, and even help work the sails! Experience it all under the watchful eye of Captain Rich Woodman, who has over 25 years of sailing experience. Book a tour today and spend an afternoon on a serene cruise basking in the sunlight.

a sailboat on the water at sunsetPineapple Ketch

The Pineapple Ketch is another excellent sailing charter in the area. Offering both afternoon and stunning sunset cruises, you can sail away on a lovingly restored 1938 Downeaster Ketch and take in the sights and sounds of the Kennebunkport coastline. With its maroon sails and shiny black hull, the often-visible icon of the area is referred to as the port’s “pirate ship” for its striking appearance! Highly recommended, a trip on this 20th-century sailing vessel is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

tourists whale watching New England Eco Adventure Tours

New England Eco Adventures offers an up-close and personal look at local wildlife. Running smaller boats for a more intimate experience, the smaller size enables passengers to get an incredibly close look at some of the whales that migrate through the area. On the company’s signature boats, no matter where you’re sitting, you’ll enjoy a front-row seat with 360-degree views for a guaranteed good time. In addition, the small and nimble boats are able to get to places inaccessible by larger vessels, with the added bonus of being completely eco-friendly having minimal impact on the surrounding wildlife. Now you can enjoy yourself and know everything is being done to ensure the animals’ safety. Fast and exciting with plenty of twists and turns, enjoy the ride while learning about local flora and fauna around you. It’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon on the water.

a couple kayaking together on the oceanCoastal Maine Bike & Kayaking Tours

No matter how advanced we become as a society in regard to transportation, nothing will ever replace moving around with the power of our own bodies. Work up a sweat and get active with a guided tour on water and land. Coastal Maine Kayak & Bike is dedicated to the power of human movement. Put the pedal to the metal and explore rural back roads and scenic coastal views. Or, if the sea calls once again, hop into a kayak and row yourself around to some of the most unique spots in Kennebunkport. With available rentals and tours for biking, kayaking, and standup paddleboarding, there’s no better way to see everything the area has to offer!room with sitting area and bed

A wealth of activities and opportunities await the intrepid traveler willing to explore, so book today at Captain Lord Mansion and let us take care of everything else. With soft beds, luxurious amenities, and a gourmet breakfast, you’ll be ready to start exploring and making Maine memories to last a lifetime.

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