Sue Bouley Celebrates 10 Years at Kennebunkport’s Luxury Inn!

Sue B and Sydney

Bev and I are very grateful for the years of service many of our employees have provided to the Captain Lord Mansion and its guests.  This year 6 individuals clock service at the inn of between 9 and 12 years.  Sue Bouley is one of our 3 breakfast cooks; she is head of our kitchen operations and she celebrates 10 years in April.  Sue is an amazing individual in that she remembers guest names, individual guest likes and dislikes, special dietary requirements, grand children’s names, pet names and so much more.  She is a true treasure.  Sue is mother to two daughters and grandmother to three grandchildren.  Thank you Sue for your dedication and love of the inn and its guests!  On your next visit, please be sure to compliment Sue on her anniversary, as well as her fine cooking!

This is a picture of Sue with her one of her 3 granddaughters, Sydney.

Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield