Springtime Blooms and Celebrations

Springtime in Kennebunkport is a Marvelous Occasion!

Join Us for a June Lavender, Lilac & Lupine Festival


Warm sunshine and beautiful Lilac blossoms and Lupine plants envelop the exterior of the inn.

The fragrances of springtime and the scenery painted by the colors of these vibrant purple and white Lilacs make our gardens a dream! Enjoy the views right from the inn!

To celebrate this joyous transition into summertime, the Captain Lord Mansion is promoting Lavender, Lilacs, and Lupines during the Month of June.

During your stay, enjoy a few of our Spring Celebration gifts available for purchase:

Celebrate Spring in Kennebunkport

Stay 2 nights or more and enjoy a few of our complimentary Spring Celebration gifts.

  • Lilac scented soap
  • Packet of Lupine Seeds

Available for purchase:

  • Lavender bath salts
  • Women’s cover-ups with embroidered artwork created by our daughter and local artist, Stacia

Travel Tidbit:

Don’t forget to take a self-guided tour of Southern Maine to check out the fields of blooming Lilacs and Lupines for yourself!