Snow in Kennebunkport, Maine :: Luxury Bed & Breakfast

Carolers in Snow
This picture captures the essence of the deep snowfall this winter here in Southern Maine.  Everything around the Captain Lord Mansion is covered in snow!  In fact, we have had so much snow, we had to have a bobcat and dump truck remove a huge quantity of plowed snow from the end of the parking lot and have it dumped on our side lawn.  That resulted in a mountain of snow that could become a small ski area, or we could do snow sculptures!  However, the good news is that you may go snowshoeing close by the inn on our complimentary snowshoes.  This past weekend, Bev and I went snowshoeing at Laudholm Farm (the Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm).  Although it was cold, it was a bright, sunny day which was perfect for traveling over the hills and through the woods to the ocean.  There were more couples snowshoeing than cross-country skiing!   After an exhilarating hour of traversing the fields and woods, we headed for lunch!  We look forward to helping you off to enjoy an afternoon in our winter wonderland. Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield.