Where Can You Ride The Rails Back in Time in Kennebunkport?


Trolley 100th

Would you like to go back in time to a quieter and gentler era?  Then step back into the time of Electric Trolleys at the Seashore Trolley Museum.  This is unlike any dry museum of history.  It is a vibrant place of trolley restoration, trolley tracks, old trolleys and rides through the Maine countryside.  The museum is located just a short drive from Kennebunkport‘s Dock Square and is close to the Captain Lord Mansion. The museum houses a world-famous international collection of trolleys.  Through the displays and living history, you can learn how electric street railways helped transfom 20th century America and many major cities of the world.  The Seashore Trolley Museum is celebrating its 70th Anniversary this summer. Hop aboard for an exciting ride into history!  I’ll see you there!

Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield