Rose For A Celebration at The Inn

Will you be planning on purchasing flowers for your celebration at the Captain Lord Mansion, a romantic bed and breakfast inn, located in Kennebunkport, ME?  Bev and I have come across some notes about how roses represent many thoughts and occasions. Here is a list of rose colors and their respective meaning; we are providing it to ensure the roses you purchase will communicate your true feelings.

Red Roses: These say “I love you”

White Roses: These say “I adore you” These are given to convey innocence and purity

Yellow Roses: These are a celebration of life and reflect joy. They are appropriate for new mothers.

Coral or Orange Roses: These express desire!

Pink Roses: These speak of friendship.

Red & Yellow Roses: This combination symbolizes unity. These are often purchased by husbands on their honeymoon!

Yellow and Orange Roses: This combination stands for passionate thoughts.

If you are coming to the Mansion, we are pleased to help you with an appropriate order of flowers. Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield