River Green in Kennebunkport Frames Captain Lord

CLM Front Lawn BD

In addition to the remodeled and expanded “Captain Lord Mansion”, Mr. Charles P. Clark, the grandson of Nathaniel Lord, left a significant legacy to the town. Sometime during the late 1800’s he decided he wanted an unobstructed view of the Kennebunk River.  Therefore, he had three houses removed from the land directly in front of the “Mansion”. In her book A Kennebunkport Album, author Joyce Butler says; “It was Clark who envisioned the land from Pleasant Street to Ocean Avenue as a sloping lawn, or green, from his mansion to the old rigging loft which he had bought to be used as a boat house by his family.” That sweeping lawn is now called the “Kennebunkport River Green” and is owned by the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust, which paid $32,500 for it in 1976. The green is preserved and maintained as an open space for the enjoyment of both residents and visitors. The green is home to craft fairs, art shows and concerts during summer months. It is probable to say that Mr. Clark would be pleased with the fruition of his vision continuing to the present. Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield