Objects Found at The Captain Lord Mansion

Col-horsechestnut These trees are commonly planted as ornamental shade trees, but the nuts are sometimes confused with the fruit of another tree. Confusion arises because of the common name of the fruit. However, this plant is not the same as the edible nut.

There are two of these magnificent trees located on the side lawn of the Captain Lord Mansion.  The trees are over 150 years old, but they continue to attract the attention of guests!  Each fall many of our guests wander out onto the lawn to collect these beautiful nuts which look like small pieces of polished mahogany!  The challenge for those who collect the nuts while here at the inn, is that once the nut dries, they shrivel up and look disgusting!



Of course, guests unfamiliar with these trees want to know what kind of nuts these are and if they are edible.  There are a couple of names by which these nuts are commonly known.  Drop us a note on our Face-book Page if you think you know the answer to this question!

Bev and I have a strenuous time each fall as we rake up the mess these trees leave on the lawn!  However, acorns are worse!  Your Innkeeper, Rick Litchfield