New at The Captain Lord Mansion :: Kennebunkport Inn

Bev and I are just returned from the Atlanta Gift Mart where we found several new items for Bev’s delightful gift shop.  Additionally, we were able to purchase some replacement furniture for the inn.  The cost of reupholstering furniture has gotten so expensive, it is often more cost effective to purchase new upholstered items.  Of course our four-poster beds are the corner-stones of each guestroom.  However, the constant use of guestroom couches and chairs necessitates replacing or reupholstering such items about every five years.  As guests give us feedback on our “Guest Comment” cards, we take a serious look at each piece in question and determine whether to reupholster or replace.  Also, we frequently replace mattresses.  We purchase top-of-the-line firm mattresses and add a 2″ memory-foam topper to each bed.  That combination gives you a soft top combined with a firm foundation.  Sometimes folks wish not to have the memory foam topper, which we graciously remove during their stay.  Many repeat guests take special note of our continuing efforts at detailing and freshening the guestrooms.  So, this season, look for new furniture in several spots throughout the inn.  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield