Try Our New Nespresso Machine!

We absolutely love coffee here at our Kennebunkport inn and our guests love it too (as do George and Danny, see above)! Waking up to a piping hot cup of freshly brewed coffee or espresso is one of life’s most simple and wonderful and joys; and mornings just got a little more joyful here at the inn with our new Nespresso machine!

This incredible little machine can do it all! No matter what your favorite drink is, you can have it at Captain Lord. And who knows, maybe George and Danny will join you for a cup or two!

Nespresso in Maine

Here’s a taste of what the Nespresso machine can make… choose your favorite!


For coffee lovers looking for the rich taste of espresso without an overpowering strong coffee taste, a latte is perfect for you! Enjoy this espresso drink with steamed milk. (Lattes are milkier than cappuccinos.)

Nespresso in Kennebunport, MaineCappuccino

Indulge in a cappuccino made with double espresso, hot milk and steamed foam. Add some cinnamon on top for an extra treat!


For the no-nonsense coffee lover who loves the pure flavor of espresso, a straight espresso shot or two will give you the caffeine jolt you need to start your day!

Hot Chocolate in Maine

Hot Chocolate

You don’t even have to be a coffee lover to enjoy the delights of the Nespresso machine. Let it make you a frothy cup of hot chocolate to sip slowly on cool mornings or chilly nights.

Hot Coffee

Keep it simple with a delectable cup of hot coffee. Add milk, cream, sugar, or even a dollop of whip cream for a fancier fix.

Decaf Coffee

Want to savor a hot drink and get the taste of coffee without the caffeine? The Nespresso can brew you a cup of decaf as well!