Do You Know Some More of the Best Choices for Kennebunkport Shopping?

shopping in Kennebunkport

Shopping in Dock Square, Kennebunkport is always a pleasure because of the many distinctive shops located there. The Dock Square is within a short walking distance of the Captain Lord Mansion. This delightful shopping haven is only three tenths of a mile from our intimate Maine Coast bed & breakfast inn.  Since we have been innkeepers at the Captain Lord Mansion for 35 years, we are fairly knowledgeable about the different shops and restaurants.  We’d like to share some of our favorite shops with you in this blog! Kennebunkport shopping is fun!

The Flaming Gourmet:    Whenever our son-in-law Paul visits, this is one of his favorite places to go.  I have stopped in with him and I am amazed at the plethora of choices of hot-sauces one can find here. With such a wide selection, Paul always always finds a unique one which he hasn’t tried before. So, if hot sauces are your desire, we highly recommend the Flaming Gourmet!  You will not be disappointed.

Dock Square Clothiers      If you are looking for those trendy clothes that will make you feel at home in Kennebunkport, this shop offers a wonderful selection. Whether you are seeking men’s or women’s clothes, you’ll find lots of choices here.  I love their offering of men’s knit shirts in a variety of spring and summer colors.

Abacus Gallery   Abacus is the largest retail store in Kennebunkport!  Just like all of the other Abacus locations, the Kennebunkport location is full of fun, interesting, unique, and extraordinary crafts and jewelry for your consideration. Shopping in this store is a real adventure.  Bev and I love to spend time browsing the wonderfully interesting offerings in this extensive shop.

Carla’s   Bev truly enjoys shopping at this women’s clothing store. Where the Dock  Square Clothiers is for the younger set, Carla’s is for more mature women. Everything Bev has purchased here make her look fabulous. Carla, the owner of this store has a knack for selecting truly classic items.

The Copper Candle  This is another shop which has been located in Dock Square for over 35 years. At Christmas Prelude, our grandson Ethan loves going in here to find an ornament for his family’s home Christmas tree.  However, Christmas ornaments are only a very small part of what this gift shop offers; as the shop name suggests, the primary gifts to be found here are an incredible choice of candles.

Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield