Where Can You Enjoy Maple Sunday Near The Captain Lord Mansion?

Maine Maple Sunday

From the “Get Real Maine” website “Join Maine’s maple producers to celebrate Maine Maple Sunday on March 25, 2012.  It’s the day when sugar makers around the state open the doors of their sugarhouses for the public to to join them in their rites of spring-making maple syrup.  Most sugarhouses offer free tasting and live demonstrations of how syrup is produced from tap to table.  Many offer a variety of other treats and activities including syrup on pancakes or ice cream, sugarbush tours, sleigh or wagon rides, live music and lots more.”  Join us at the Captain Lord Mansion this March weekend and we’ll provide a detailed driving map to several local sugarhouses.  Bev and I have always enjoyed a trip to visit one of the sugarhouses to see the syrup production and to sample the delicious maple syrup.  I like mine over ice cream!  See you soon! Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield