Where Can You See Lobsters Being Harvested in Kennebunkport?

Rugosa Lobster Boat

This handsome lobster boat, The Rugosa, offers tourists the opportunity to see lobsters being harvested as well as to see the beautiful rocky coast here in Kennebunkport.  This educational trip includes seeing the tour leader haul traps, checking the size of lobsters caught and hearing lobster facts and lore!  For example, do you know how many years it takes a lobster to grow to a sufficient size to be kept?  This and other interesting facts will be shared on this tour.  Bev and I always enjoy one trip per year just to get away from the inn for a relaxing sightseeing trip along the coast.  The Rugosa docks close to the Captain Lord Mansion, so it is another vacation activity that is convenient for our guests. In fact, we offer a Lobster Lovers Package whereby you can take the Lobster Boat Cruise and then have a Lobster dinner at nearby Mabel’s Lobster Claw Restaurant.  The package is just $119 per couple. See you on board!

Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield