Leonard’s Antique Beds :: Bed & Breakfast Inn in Kennebunkport

Why, the Captain Lord Mansion of course!  Bev and I made our first visit to Leonard’s Antiques in March of 1979.  CLM guests from Seekonk, MA introduced us to Leonard’s; we had never heard of the place!  What a fortuitous visit; our first purchase was the beautiful highboy that presently sits in the Mansion’s main hallway by the office door.  That purchase was financed by an income tax refund check we received that year.  However, the most important part of our visit to Leonard’s was meeting the owners, Jeff Jenkins and his dad.  That began a 30 year relationship with Leonards and we have purchased almost all of the Mansion’s and Captain’s Garden House’s four-poster beds from them.  Jeff’s dad has retired, but Jeff now has his sons in the business.  We long ago furnished all of the guestrooms at the Captain Lord Mansion with magnificent beds; however, we often will visit Leonard’s when we are looking for small decorative pieces to add to rooms.  Leonard’s made national news when they supplied a bed to President and First Lady Obama!  Above is a picture of our guestroom Hesper and one of Leonard’s beds.  Leonard’s recently appraised our 20 beds for over $250,000.  We are grateful that we are not purchasing the beds today!  However, if you are searching for just that right Christmas gift for your loved one, I am sure that Jeff Jenkins could find a bed for you.  Your innkeeper Rick Litchfield