Did You Know LL Bean is Celebrating Its 100th Birthday This Year?

I’ll bet that you did not know that world-famous retailer LL Bean is celebrating its 100th birthday this year.  Many of the guests who visit us at the Captain Lord Mansion make the 45 minute drive to Freeport, Maine in order to shop at this classic store.  Whether you are an outdoors person or not, it is worth a visit to this iconic store.  Bev and I love to go in the off-season, late in the evening when the crowds are gone and we can shop leisurely.  Remember, the store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year!  It is amazing the variety of things LL Bean offers. From camping gear, fishing gear, cross country skis & boots, hunting stuff, canoes, kayaks, snowshoes, bicycles, casual lodge -type furniture, fixtures & accessories and the many different types of their classic boots to a myriad of different types and styles of clothing for both men and women; it is a shoppers paradise!  Their styles are timeless!  Additionally, Freeport has become a mecca for other shops of distinction. We are pleased to give you driving instructions and shoppers maps. Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield,