Man proposing to a woman in Kennebunkport park

Top Places to Propose in Kennebunkport

When you’ve chosen the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, popping the question can feel so stressful that it may cause panic. You may find yourself asking questions like, “Do I need a hot air balloon?”, “Should I hire a skywriter?”, or “Do I need a photographer so we can
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a man and woman lounging on the deck of a boat at sea

Fun in the Sun with Sea Adventures in Kennebunkport

Throughout time and still today, many have been drawn to explore the oceans. In the northernmost point of New England, the beautiful Atlantic is home to several summer activities in Maine and memorable experiences for those willing to take the plunge. Read on for your exclusive guide to making the most of your Kennebunkport getaway
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yacht sailing in Maine

What to Do in Kennebunkport – An Insider’s Guide

  Think you’ll be bored on your summer vacation in Maine? Think again! Here is our list of 19 things to do this summer in Kennebunkport. While this list only scratches the surface of the plethora of summer activities found in Kennebunkport and the surrounding areas, we thought it could give you a head start
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Fried Seafood Plate with greens and slice of lemon- Kennebunkport Maine Restaurants

New Kennebunkport Maine Restaurants

Enjoy delicious cuisine and an excellent time while visiting any of these recently opened Kennebunkport Maine restaurants! The Lost Fire Bev and Rick have enjoyed several meals here, find the bar a fun place to share Tapas and drinks, and consider it one of the best restaurants in Kennebunkport. “Head chef, German Lucarelli has had
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