Kennebunkport River Green History

River Green in KennebunkportThe Kennebunkport River Green has a fascinating history.  Originally, the land which now is called “The River Green” was house lots; there were three houses situated on that land during the 1800’s.  In the late 1800’s, the Captain Lord Mansion was owned by Charles P. Clark, the grandson of the original builder, Nathaniel Lord.  Because the three house blocked his view of the Kennebunk River, he had each moved to different part of town.  Being a wealthy railroad magnate from Connecticut, he could easily afford the cost of removal of the houses.  The bucolic park-like setting remained as part of the Lord family estate until 1972 when the Mansion was sold out of the family for the first time in 170 years.  The purchaser of the Mansion estate, Biddeford native Jim Throumoulos, was intent on selling the land to raise capital for funding his renovations to the Mansion.  Local residents were concerned that an important scenic part of the town would be destroyed by development; thus, in 1973, the River Green became the catalyst for citizens organizing the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust.  The Kennebunkport River Green was the initial land purchase of the Conservation Trust which has grown exponentially under the leadership of Tom Bradbury.  Currently, the land owned and under conservation by the Trust is extensive and even includes Goat Island and its’ iconic lighthouse.  As owners of the Captain Lord Mansion, we are grateful for the stewardship of the citizens of Kennebunkport to create the Conservation Trust and preserve the River Green as an open park which showcases the Mansion during the winter and spring months.  Your innkeepers, Bev Davis & Rick Litchfield

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