Captain Lord Mansion in Art Reproductions


Captain Lord Mansion Louis Norton

During the 37 years we have been owners and innkeepers here at the Captain Lord Mansion, we have commissioned several paintings of the inn which we have on display in the Mansion office.  Additionally, recently we were able to secure a rather valuable painting of the inn which was done in the early 20th century by noted Kennebunkport artist Louis Norton.   The Mansion’s 200th Anniversary celebration was held in June; for that occasion we had a limited number of beautiful prints of the Norton painting created by Hunter Editions.  These are available in our gift shop for $99 and are mounted on artist board in a protective plastic sleeve.  Thus, guests of our Kennebunkport bed and breakfast have the prints framed to match their home decor.

Hunter Editions also created the prints on canvas of Cissy Buchanan’s “Anniversary Celebration” painting (pictured below) which we commissioned for our 10th Anniversary in 1988 and Dennis Perrin’s “Treasured Memories” painting (pictured below) which we commissioned for our 25th Anniversary in 2003.  Both those works of art are on display in our office and framed prints on canvas are available in Bev’s Gift Shop, so you can own a little piece of Kennebunkport history!

Celebration - Cissy Buchanan

We are aware of several other paintings of the Captain Lord Mansion which are in currently residing in museums.  One, by Abbott Graves, titled “New England Doorway” is located in the offices of the Kennebunkport Historical Society.  It is pictured above.  If you are visiting the inn in season, we can schedule a private showing of the painting for you.  A second work by the very well-known artist Willard Metcalf is located in the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme, CT.

I have personally visited this museum and was impressed with the bright colors in his work which features a front view of the building and depicts the extravagant gardens which, in the early part of the 20th century, the Lord family maintained on the land in front of the Mansion.  Today, that land is called the “River Green” and is part of the Kennebunkport Kennenbunkport historyConservation Trust and there is a beautiful garden at the end of the green.  Also, Bev has transformed the gardens around the inn into beautiful oases of fragrance and color.

If you are an art lover, you too can take home a modest remembrance of your visit with us!

Your innkeepers, Bev Davis Rick Litchfield