Breakfast at our Kennebunkport InnEach morning at our romantic Kennebunkport, Maine Bed and Breakfast, the Mansion’s talented breakfast cooks prepare a different family-style, multi-course breakfast which is served in the atmospheric Country Kitchen and the beautiful Dining Room. Each breakfast is a celebration of freshly prepared food using only the best ingredients such as freshly-squeezed orange juice, organically-farmed eggs, organic yogurt and Maine maple syrup.

It is the philosophy of the innkeepers at our historic B&B that the communal, family-style breakfast is a major part of the Captain Lord Mansion experience.

If we have a small group for breakfast, we usually serve at the antique Lord-family dining table in our Gathering Room. As the numbers increase, we serve in the Country Kitchen and if the crowd grows larger, we serve in both areas so everyone is allowed a choice of times for our family-style breakfast.

We serve at 8:15 am and again at 9:45 am year round. At many times during the year, we’ll have almost all the guests at one point or another, sometimes serving 26 to 28 folks at one time. That is a real test of the staff at our inn.

Our Menu Changes Day to Day!

Gourmet breakfast at our Kennebunkport Inn
Blueberry pancakes at our Kennebunkport bed and breakfast

First Course

Breakfast begins with choices including;

  • Fresh Fruit
  • Organic French-Vanilla Yogurt
  • Flavorful Granola

Second Course

The second course consists of tasty muffins served piping hot from the oven to the table!

Main Course

Our main course varies from day to day so that you can experience variety during your visit. You may be offered one of the following scrumptious dishes, usually complimented by either applewood smoked bacon or maple sausage:

  • Petite Belgian waffles with Maine maple syrup
  • Maine blueberry pancakes with Maine maple syrup
  • Strawberry-flavored, cream cheese stuffed French toast
  • Mushroom, sausage and sweet onion soufflé
  • Petite filet medallions paired with a fresh tomato, sweet onion and feta cheese souffle
  • Mansion “Stackers,” a potato pancake layered with thinly-sliced smoked ham and scrambled eggs covered with a melted, white cheddar cheese sauce

Afternoon Snacks & Beverages

Return from your day’s activities to find a variety of cheese, crackers, fresh fruit and sweets served year-round in the Country Kitchen.

In the warmer months, beverage choices are flavored iced-coffee, iced-tea and lemonade.

In the cooler months, you’ll find “Swedish Glogg” (a non-alcoholic mulled cider and cranberry juice) which is kept simmering in a crock-pot on the antique stove in the kitchen.

We are happy to accommodate all special dietary needs of our guests, including offering vegetarian and gluten free versions of our favorite dishes. Please let us know of any food allergies at the time of your reservation so we can better prepare for your visit.

Snacks at our Kennebunkport Inn