Captain Lord Mansion :: Remodeled Kennebunkport Bed & Breakfast

1898 Photo of the CLM
The Captain Lord Mansion circa mid to late 1800’s

After Nathaniel’s death in 1815, The Mansion continued to be his wife Phebe Lord’s home throughout her life.  Widowed at an early age, she never remarried.  Did the burden of raising their nine children keep her focused away from romantic inclinations?  One might think so!  Her oldest son Daniel W. Lord became her closest companion and protector.  Family diaries record Phebe making frequent trips to and from Boston with Daniel and his wife Lydia during the mid 1800’s.

Daniel’s own written records instructs us that he was active in the ownership and management of the “Mansion” from a time shortly after his father’s death until the 1850’s.  In a journal entry dated 1824, Daniel records that he made “an addition to the `Mansion’ commencing August 23rd, and ending Oct 2nd.”  No other written details reveal to us the exact nature of the addition.  However, photographs from that time show two, 2-story ells at the rear (east side) of the house.  Perhaps, Daniel added one or both of the ells.  In a diary entry from 1844, Daniel records that he “raised and put a new roof on the south 2 story part of the `Mansion’ and painted the roof with two coats of fish oil and varnish, half each with 3/4 yellow and 1/4 Spanish brown mixed together.  This included new shingles over the roof and the south door.”  Again a photograph from the 1850’s shows one 2-story ell at the rear east-facing side of the building. I have found detailed records of maintenance and additional changes for which both Daniel and Nathaniel were responsible.  However, Daniel was not the last of Nathaniel’s descendents to make extensive changes to the “Mansion”.  I’ll cover that in my next Blog.  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield