History of Romantic Kennebunkport Bed & Breakfast

Bev and I began searching for a business during the spring of 1977. At the time we were living in Schenectady, NY.  Bev was a successful advertising executive with McDonald’s, but she was being moved every 18 months as the company was promoting her up the corporate ladder.  I was an advertising executive with a large advertising company in the Tri-City area.  After evaluating our prospects for a married life together, we deduced that either I follow Bev and her career, she join the agency with me or we find a business of our own! Being young and naive, we thought we’d become independent restauranteurs. How silly! Every potential business we found either was on the market because the owners were getting a divorce or the son/daughter chef wanted out of the family business. What an auspicious introduction to a business of our own.  However, we persevered looking at various types of business opportunities throughout New England and were shown the Captain Lord Mansion on March 17, 1978 by an enterprising realtor.  It was being operated primarily as a boarding house for seniors; there were 7 women residents ranging in age from mid 80’s to mid 90’s.  The owners also rented a few rooms to transients during the summer and fall months and the inn was listed in Norman Simpson’s “Country Inns and Back Roads”.  That was the inn-goers “bible” before the Internet, cell phones and TripAdvisor!  After a near disastrous adventure with the high interest rates of the period, we finally came to terms with the owner to carry a second mortgage at some affordable interest rates.  Against the advice of his very prominent attorney, Jim agreed to carry paper.  I guess we seemed to have sufficient business background to succeed.  We closed on the inn June 15, 1978.  I’ll never forget the feeling of excitement combined with anticipation and apprehension as we stood outside the inn watching movers move our furniture in the back door and the previous owners belongings out the front door. We have been blessed; we celebrate 34 years as owners and innkeepers this June 15 and begin our 35th summer season.  It has been a wonderful experience and we still love the business and our guests.  Thanks for the memories! Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield