Goat Island Lighthouse :: Maine Tourist Acitivities

Cape Porpoise is one of the most picturesque sights to enjoy viewing and photographing when visiting the Captain Lord Mansion, a romantic bed & breakfast in Kennebunkport, Maine.  Cape Porpoise is a delightful fishing and lobstering village situated a couple of miles east of the Port.  From the pier in Cape Porpoise you catch a view of Goat Island Lighthouse which is currently being restored.  Hopefully, it will be open for tours in 2012.  Also, be sure to take pictures of the lobster boats lined up like sentinels of the harbor; it will make for a terrific vacation memory.  When visiting the inn, be sure to ask for directions.  Also, there is an excellent restaurant called Pier 77 located at the pier. Serving good food with a beautiful view, it is a choice of many of our guests. Also, it has a small pub called the Ramp which is located underneath the restaurant.  The Ramp serves great pub-type food.  Additionally, there is a lobster pound located right on the pier.  Select freshly-caught lobsters for lunch or enjoy fried clams as well as other luncheon seafood delights such as fried scallops or shrimp.  Step back in time and enjoy the “quieter side” of Kennebunkport.  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield