Frequent Travel Rewards – Romantic Getaway in Maine

Romantic Bed & Breakfast in Maine

How do you secure frequent travel rewards at the Captain Lord Mansion and how does does the “Memory Garden” relate?  We devised a rather special way to honor our frequent visiting guests.  Every five visits to our romantic bed & breakfast inn earns a gift from the innkeepers; the 10th repeat visit being very special because it earns an engraved paving stone in the inn’s “Memory Garden”.  Here is a picture of a couple (Greg and Deanna) celebrating their 10th visit to the inn by viewing their brick in the “Memory Garden” walkway.

When we were contemplating ways to honor the frequent visitor to the Captain Lord Mansion, we thrashed about with lots of ideas, but none really struck us as being unique.  In 1995, when touring the “Gardens”  show rooms at the Atlanta Gift Mart, we discovered these engraved stones. Bev immediately conceived the idea of a garden area using the engraved stones to recognize the 10th visit.  I had been looking at fountains, so we combined her idea with mine and “voila” a rewards program was born.  The next issue was having the garden designed and built.  Our friend Tony Elliot from Snug Harbor Farm designed the garden and a local contractor built it.  We now have over 750 engraved stones in the garden area and adjoining walkway.  Bev and I salute these loyal guests with a hearty “thank you” for their loyalty and friendship over the past 37 years.

Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield