Environmental Leader Certification

We are honored that the Captain Lord Mansion for several years has received an “Environmental Leader Certification” from the State of Maine for our conservation efforts.

We’ve had an extensive recycling program in effect at the inn for many years.  We encourage guests to recycle bottles and cans, so we have placed small, blue recycling containers in each guest room.  In addition to material from guest rooms, we collect plastic, glass, cardboard and newspapers from our other inn operations for weekly disposal at our local recycling center in Kennebunk.  We seem to grow cardboard and newspapers like they were grass!  I am amazed at how much waste we produce and recycle each week and the effort required by staff to sort the various materials and haul them to the recycle center.  Then, I think positively about how much waste we prevent from being dumped into landfill or being burned!

Recently, we have begun collecting and sending all kitchen food waste to a composting company.  This too has significantly reduced the amount of trash we send for pick-up each week.

Also, we have converted to low energy use fluorescent light bulbs throughout the inn. However, low energy does not mean you don’t have decent light to read by.  Every room has plenty of lights and adequate wattage too!

Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield