Captain Lord Mansion & Select Registry Celebrate 40 Years Together!

Captain Lord Mansion Louis Norton

Captain Lord Mansion has been a member of Select Registry since 1975 when the organization was comprised basically of the group of inns listed in Norman Simpson’s Country Ins and Back Roads, a travel guide for bed & breakfast and full service inns.  Norman began publishing his small guidebook about 1966.  It began as a very personal travel guide recounting Norman’s travels throughout New England and included his wittingly-written recommendations of small, owner-operated, lodging establishments which he believed offered more personal service and more unique travel experiences than motels, the post-war travel trend.  For many years it was the “bible” of the Bed & Breakfast industry; of course that was before computers!

The Independent Innkeepers Association (I.I.A.)  was initiated by Mr. Simpson in the late 1980’s as a professional association offering educational seminars and recreational gatherings for innkeepers whose properties were listed in his books.  In fact, Bev was a founding board member of the I.I.A.  After Norman’s untimely death due to an auto accident, the I.I.A. was reorganized as the Select Registry.  Both Bev and  I served as regional representatives of the new association.

Today, the Captain Lord Mansion is one of the longest active member properties listed in the Select Registry.  However, we still have to meet the very exacting Quality Assurance Criteria of S/R. The inn is anonymously inspected every couple of years, the last one being in 2014.  We are pleased to say that we passed with top marks.

Kennebunkport Maine Boutique Hotel

Because of the emphasis on Q.A.  inspections, the Select Registry has an exceptional reputation for over 300 quality properties in its digest-size book.  Additionally, S/R has both a Website and a Mobile App.  Also, there now is a well-received “Select Rewards” frequent visitor program; for every 12 visits to Select Registry member inns, a guest receives a $100 Gift Certificate to be used at any of the member inns.  Sign up today at Select Registry Rewards.

Bev and I are proud to be counted among the Select Registry Inns which now encompass most of the continental United States.  Your Innkeeper, Rick Litchfield