The Captain Lord Mansion Book Club

I enjoy reading, especially historical novels, biographies and general history books.  I just finished reading “Lost in Shangri-La: Escape From a Hidden World”, By Mitchell Zuckoff.  This is a true life adventure about a World War II military plane crash in the wilds on New Guinea.  Mr Zuckoff spins an intriguing tale of death, survival and rescue in an Eden-like environment.  I found the book hard to put down; I eagerly wanted to find out how the survivors were rescued.  As I read the book and reflected on my enjoyment of it, I thought it would be fun to have recommendations from our guests regarding books they suggest others to read.  Please go to our Facebook Page to comment on your favorite books and provide links to reviews.  Once a month, I will post on books that I recommend to our guests. I don’t pretend to have the influence of that famous person O.W.; however, I look forward to sharing my selections together with our guests proposals on Facebook. Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield