Your Innkeeper Bev Davis

How many of you know that Bev was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio?  That was her home until she went off to college.  She graduated from Butler University in Indianapolis with a degree in Radio and TV production.  After graduation, she worked in broadcast there in Indianapolis for a small radio station that she says had a cast of characters similar to the ones on the TV series WKRP!  After working in that low-paying job for a while, she interviewed and was hired by McDonald’s.  She started out in the Real Estate department and was soon promoted to a buyer.  She was responsible for developing several million dollar units in the Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Columbus markets.  After moving from Real Estate into the Marketing Department, she was promoted to a Region Marketing Manager in the upstate New York market that stretched from Buffalo to Albany.  That is where we met.  I was the Account Supervisor on the McDonald’s Account in the Tri-City area of Albany, Schenectady and Troy.  Bev is an accomplished cook, seamstress, gardener, interior decorator as well as loving wife and mother.  She personally does all the decorating and designs and sews the window treatments, duvets and bed dust ruffles.  If you are here in the summer and early fall, you may see her touches everywhere in our extensive gardens.  She is the one who developed the idea of the “Memory Garden”, the waterfall feature and our newest planting area where the sculpture of the three children is located.   I’ll share about my background in the next blog.  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield