Charles P. Clark’s Renovations :: Kennebunkport Bed & Breakfast Inn

CLM Old Staircase

Old Staircase at the entrance to the Bed & Breakfast Office

We believe it is fortunate that Charles decided to restrict his major alterations to the rear portion of the “mansion” and pretty much leave the front section alone, because much of the original 1812 architectural details still exist in that section of the building.  For example, there is the sweeping, suspended elliptical staircase at the front entrance, a 4 storey spiral cupola staircase which graces the center of the building, as well as the towering arches down the center hall,  hand-grained, painted doors with original “box locks” and so much more for visitors to marvel at and to enjoy today.  Also, there is a newly-exposed, narrow “servants staircase” that is by the entrance to the present-day inn office. The old staircase retains all the original 1812 architectural details such as narrow and steep stairs and little wall cubbies.

The April 20, 1900 edition of the Eastern Star reported that “Mr. Charles P. Clark is having a large porch built at the entrance to his mansion.”  That “large porch” actually is the Greek Revival style portico (canopy with pillars) now at the front of the inn.  Once again, the photographic record tells us that it replaced an arbor that originally graced the front door of the building.  This was the last renovation, which Charles would do; he died March 21, 1901 at Nice, France.

More to come about a special summer event held at the Captain Lord Mansion during Charles’s ownership.  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield

CLM Hand Grained Door
Original hand-grained door in 1812 section of the Mansion