Excerpts From the 20th Anniversary of the Captain Lord Mansion

2010 Garden Pictures 008 Recently we came across an old Captain Lord Mansion newsletter dated “Spring 1998”.  We called these newsletters “The Captain’s Log” and  mailed them to our quite extensive guest mailing list.  However, with the advent of the computer and emails, we discontinued direct mail newsletters about the time this 1998 newsletter was published.

It was fascinating for us to reminisce about the renovations we made during the winter of 1997.  Bev and I often try to remember exact dates when we made certain changes to the inn; these old newsletters certainly provide us clear dates on which we made additions, alterations and renovations.  Let me quote: “Winter renovations – our guiding principles.  Your comfort, safety and enjoyment of the inn have always been guiding factors for us when considering improvements and/or changes we might make to the inn.”  That principle has never changed and has motivated our thinking and actions for the past 32 years.

That winter we renovated the baths in Regulator, Harvest, Union and Lincoln.  Also, we added the double jacuzzi-style tub to Union’s bath and enlarged the shower area in LIncoln, as well as adding heated marble/tile floors to all four rooms. The oversize jetted tubs for Regulator and Harvest would come later!  Additionally, that winter we freshened the kitchen with new wallpaper and painted the woodwork.  In the spring of 1997 we had added the “Memory Garden” and that fall we added the second section of heated walkway leading to the guest entrance.  The fruition of our increased attention to our gardens came in the summer of 1998.  Bev has continued to improve our gardens every year since.  For example, the beautiful waterfall feature was added three year ago, we added new sculptures of the children and the dogs over the past several years and finally added new granite stone walls at the parking lot entrance this spring.

Bev and I believe the exterior of the inn is really like another guest room because in the summer and fall the guests use the grounds as much as they do their rooms.  We hope those of you visiting this summer and fall will find the gardens a beautiful, comfortable and restful place to relax and unwind.  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield