Kennebunkport Weekly Village ArtWalk Starts June 12th!

Abbott Graves CLM

Kennebunkport: Where art lives! This summer is going to be a terrific season as The local Chamber of Commerce promotes our vibrant community of artists and art lovers. The natural beauty of Kennebunkport has long been a draw to artists, and The Chamber will soon launch new initiatives to highlight all we have to offer with “Kennebunkport Weekly Village ArtWalk” and Art Movements! These fun, social events will bring together our local artist community and thriving restaurant scene with our residents and visitors looking for summer fun.

New this month, in creative collaboration with many local artists, The Chamber will launch its inaugural Village ArtWalk, a new self-guided walking tour between 14 local galleries in Kennebunk’s Lower Village, Kennebunkport’s Dock Square and Ocean Avenue. The first night is set for 5 to 8 p.m. Friday, June 12, and will continue monthly on the second Friday through Christmas Prelude. Watch for our full-color brochure with an illustrated map by local artist Holly Ross, in coordination with Sue Rioux Designs and Tracey Sharpe at The Sharpe Gallery.  Or call the Captain Lord Mansion and we’ll mail you one prior to your visit.

Later this summer, the Chamber of Commerce will launch the new Art Movements! series, a trio of rotating events to take place on Tuesday evenings at various restaurants throughout the Kennebunks. Watch for details on Cut Throat Artists!, Pushing Paint! and Click and Swish!

On alternating weeks, artists of all media – emerging and established – will gather for an outrageous competition to see who has the smarts, the talents and the nerves to lay it all on the line in a challenge called Cut Throat Artists! With choices like oven mitts, old toothbrushes, pirate hooks and whatever is crazy enough to paint with, they will execute a masterpiece against a ticking clock. And, with a cheering crowd providing the backdrop for inspiration, they’ll make each competition a night to remember.

On the alternate weeks, artists will be invited to participate with fellow artists in Pushing Paint! They’ll join together as a “tag team painting machine” to create a mural that just might be a work of art for the ages! They will be competing against a clock and switching sides at the whim of a timer. (Here’s hoping they can play well together – this may be just the fun night to find out!)

In addition to these events, the local artisits will be featuring a weekly test of talents called Click and Swish!, as photographers submit one of their pictures to be randomly selected and interpreted by an artist and presented in a mini pop-up gallery showing.

So, if you are traveling to Kennebunkport this season, plan on participating in these fun activities and events. Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield

P.S. The painting depicted here is titled “New England Doorway” by Abbott Graves, a well-known, but deceased artist from the area. This work hangs in the Pasco Center at the Kennebunkport Historical Society.