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Luxury Inn in Kennebunkport, Maine

Bev Davis, the innkeeper at the Captain Lord Mansion, an intimate Maine Coast Bed & Breakfast Inn, shares the “10 Essential Rules for Perfect Beddiquette” as offered by Dransfield & Ross, a New York City based home furnishings company. These printed rules are packed with each bedspread and she thought you would enjoy seeing them in one of our Captain Lord Mansion Blogs.  So here goes; this is copied directly from their literature, we think it is precious!  By the way, we carry Dransfield and Ross bedspreads in Bev’s Gift Shop.

Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield

“10 Essential Rules for Perfect Beddiquette”

Kennebunkport, Maine Bed and Breakfast

  • Rule#1 You spend a third of your life sleeping, make sure you’re surrounded with beauty and comfort.
  • Rule#2 If you have to invest in one bedding item, make sure you have the best quality pillow.
  • Rule# 3 Your bed linens should reflect your personality, not your mother’s or your best friend’s.
  • Rule#4 If you love a certain set of linens, try buying two sets if possible. It will extend the life of both sets.

Kennebunkport, ME Inn

  • Rule#5 If there is a special personal fragrance you’re wild about, don’t hesitate to use in an infuser in your linen closet.
  • Rule#6 Remember, you don’t just sleep in your bed, so make sure it’s appropriate for all your activities. Yes, that one too ….
  • Rule #7 Don’t go to bed angry!
  • Rule #8 Unless your bedroom is particularly tailored, don’t be afraid to mix up your bedding. Approach it like you were getting dressed.     Use the same sensibility you would approach your personal wardrobe.
  • Rule #9 Never sleep with someone that you aren’t madly in love with, that includes pets!
  • Rule # 10 Break all the rules and make your bedroom as unique as you are with Dransfield and Ross House bedding!

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