Why Does The Captain Lord Mansion Serve S&D Coffee?

Fresh Brewed Coffee

Have you ever wondered what coffee the Captain Lord Mansion and the Captain’s Garden House serve for breakfast and why?  For many years we served Victor Coffee which was acquired by S&D Coffee in May of 2000. So, for over 14 years S&D has been our principal supplier of coffee products.  We receive many compliments on the quality of our coffee; so, that is why we continue to serve S&D products.

However, upon researching information about S&D Coffee to write this blog, I was pleased to learn that they have a corporate culture focused on sustainability and good business practices.  Here is a quote from the S&D website: “Now, as we start the next phase of our journey, S&D has joined the ranks of industry leaders who are committing themselves to a new goal: delivering great-tasting products in the most responsible way possible. That means offering sustainably-sourced beverages, reducing our carbon footprint, scaling back our overall energy use, expanding our employee health and wellness programs, and rededicating ourselves to serving our community“.

Last year we consumed over 500 pounds of coffee at the Captain Lord Mansion.  That does not include the individual pods we have available at the Captain’s Garden House or special pods used with the N’espresso coffee/cappuccino machine at the Mansion.

We appreciate our guest feedback and will continue to serve the best breakfast products we can find.

Your innkeepers, Bev Davis and Rick Litchfield