“Top 7” Art Galleries in Kennebunkport

Bev and I are avid art collectors. If you have been to the Captain Lord Mansion, you know that both the public areas and each guest room is graced with beautiful oil paintings.  Many of the paintings in the public areas are from our personal collection such as those in the Mansion’s office. Three of those paintings are by Dennis Perrin who shows his work at Mast Cove Gallery. Dennis features his wife as the model and each of the three works in our office depict her.  Here is a list of our recommended “Top 7” Art Galleries in Kennebunkport, not in any order of preference we add!

Mast Cove Gallery — Jean Briggs is the owner of this gallery and a good friend of ours. As we are celebrating 36 years in business, she is celebrating 35 years as owner of the gallery!  Over that time, we have purchased many paintings from her gallery, including several by Frank Handlen, an example of his work is below.  Mast Cove Gallery is located on Maine Street just two blocks and a very short walk from the Mansion.

Frank Handlen

Landmark Gallery — David P. Fouts is the gallery owner and an excellent artist in his own right!  In the evenings, Bev and I enjoy strolling to town along Ocean Avenue where the gallery is located; it is just two blocks from the Mansion. Many is the night we stop into the gallery to see newly-painted work for sale.  David has many of his beautiful impressionistic style paintings for sale in the gallery, as well as works from other artists.  Here is his “Age of Discovery.”  I love his work.

David P. Fouts

Maine Art Gallery — This gallery is located in the heart of the action in the Port. It is a large gallery as well as framing store with a plethora of artists represented.  John and Francesca, long-time owners of the gallery, have a second location on Chase Hill where they present both a sculpture garden and art shows.  Additionally, the gallery represents Lyman Whitaker and displays a large number of his “Wind Sculptures.” Bev and I were fortunate to recently have dinner with this young artist; we love his style. The title of Craig Mooney’s work below is “Whispering Wind.”

Craig Mooney

The Wright Gallery — Charlie Wright has been a fixture in Cape Porpoise (part of Kennebunkport) for many years. In addition to superb works of art, he carries some fabulous ship models made by a local lobster-man.  I am fortunate to have purchased two of his sailboat models and proudly display them in our personal residence.  Below is a painting of sheep by Gretchen Huber, we have a painting by her of a pig which is located in the Captain Lord Mansion office.

Gretchen Huber

The Scott Bundy Gallery has a nice selection of works by a number of well-regarded artists. Bev and I have purchased several beautiful works by Dennis Sheehan from Scott for our home.  Scott tells us that “My gallery features an eclectic collection of museum-quality traditional and contemporary works by internationally renowned artists.”

Dennis Sheehan

The W. Robert Payne Gallery features paintings by our friend Bob Payne. He paints local scenes such as seascapes, lobster boats and so forth.  He has been honored by having several of his works purchased by President and Mrs. George H. W. Bush for their collection.  This is a copy of Bob’s painting “Salt Wind” which is artist Frank Handlen’s sailboat.

W. Robert Payne

The Will Cunha Gallery — Will has created one of the most highly acclaimed paintings honoring both Kennebunkport and President George H. W. Bush; it is a representation of the annual Memorial Day Service which is held in the Port’s Dock Square. Prints of this painting, which was personally signed by both President and Mrs. Bush, are his best sellers.  This is his representation of “Dock Square” in a winter storm.

Will Cunha