When Will The Foliage Peak in Kennebunkport?

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This is a photo of the Kennebunk River at peak foliage time which is now through the middle of October.  Also, we've included a photo of The Captain Lord Mansion Carriage House surrounded by color and the River Green framed with color!  We thought that if you are unable to visit us this year, we would share some great photos from past years.  Also, we thought that the hot, dry summer would result in mediocre colors this fall; however, that is not the case!   Bev and I have been driving around the area and the colors are quite brilliant.  We hope you have a wonderful fall and those of you in areas with beautiful color, that you'll be able to get out for a drive to see and enjoy!  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield

   127595766110_0_BGStatue River Green