What Were The Captain Lord Mansion Guestrooms Named for in 1978?

Captainlord_mansion.jpg Lincoln Horizontal
This is a picture of the guestroom “Ship Lincoln” aka “Wisteria”.  Recently, we had a guest couple who had been guests with us way back in 1979.  It was their first visit with us since then!  At checkout, the gentleman and I had a discussion about which room they stayed in that first visit.  After conversing about the exact location in the inn of their guestroom, I suggested the name “Wisteria” and voila, he recognized that was the room in which they stayed.  Well, that enabled me to tell both the guest and our office staff about the original room names.  When Bev and I first purchased the Captain Lord Mansion in June of 1978, it was primarily a boarding house for elderly women.  There were 7 ladies that were permanent residents with us; they actually remained as residents at the inn for almost two years after we purchased the inn.  However, the main point is that each room was named after a type of flower.  During our first year as innkeepers and since Nathaniel Lord was a shipbuilder, we decided to rename the rooms after ships built by Nathaniel and his oldest son Daniel.  At the local library, I researched the names of ships they built and Bev made each sign for the new names.  She used her sewing talent to make counted cross-stitch nameplates which we then had framed and placed on the door of each room.  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield.