Artist Dennis Perrin :: Kennebunkport Treasured Art

Dennis Perrin has become a good friend of ours here at the Captain Lord Mansion.  We love his paintings so much that we have three of them displayed in our reception office. One of them we call “Treasured Memories”. 

We commissioned Dennis to paint “Treasured Memories’ in 2002 to celebrate our 25th Anniversary in 2003 as innkeepers of the Mansion.  We gave him free reign with the composition; he devised the scene of the beautiful woman in a long white dress looking longingly back at the inn Lg Treasured Memoriesas if she were remembering wonderful and romantic visits to the inn.  We were delighted with the subject and have limited edition Giclee prints on canvas available for purchase in our gift shop. 

Dennis shows his work at Mast Cove Gallery which is located just a few blocks from the Mansion.  We love the wide variety of  Dennis’ work.  From lovely still life florals to romatic depictions of his wife in garden scenes or wistfully looking out to sea, his paintings evoke the sense of an earlier era.   His use of colors and impressionistic scenes also evoke other artists, but with a beauty and pallette totally his own.  He has a masterful ability to convey a sense of bright sunshine, shadows and temperature.   

Here is some biographical data on Dennis.

Dennis Perrin studied with Dell Weller and Auzeklis Ozols at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art, where he won the 1984 Landscape Painting Award. He began painting professionally in 1985, exhibiting his work widely and receiving numerous awards and purchase prizes. Perrin’s work has been collected throughout North America, as well as in Europe and Australia. Among his many collectors are the Zigler Museum, The Maier Museum of Art, The Morris Museum of Art, City National Bank of Louisiana, The Entergy Corporation, and Dale Brown, former head basketball coach, Louisiana State University.

The trademark and signature of Perrin’s work is a masterful treatment of light. Whether the subject is a lithe figure clad in white, a sumptuous floral still life, a moody interior, or a quiet pond dotted with water lilies, light is the dominant feature of a Dennis Perrin painting. In this he follows the great tradition of the Boston School of Painting – that of Edmund Tarbell, Frank Benson and John Singer Sargent. Other favorite influences include Jan Vermeer, Thomas Dewing and Maxfield Parrish.

By marrying sound academic principles of drawing and design with brilliant color and dazzling light, Dennis Perrin creates beautiful and memorable images that both complement and transcend the high velocity, high-tech whirl of the modern age.

Bev and I love the fact that Kennebunkport has become a rather well respected art colony with so many fine art galleries and resident artists.  When you visit the Mansion we can direct you to several excellent art galleries so that you might take home a little bit of Kennebunkport to remind you of your vacation.  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield