Stacia’s Wedding Was Not in Kennebunkport!

Stacia's Wedding 023 Stacia and her new husband Brian Thacker prepare to cut their wedding cake.  Surprise; Stacia got married Columbus Day Weekend! 

Bev and I are very pleased to announce the marriage of our youngest daughter Stacia Ann.  The wedding took place on the beautiful beach at Panama City Beach, Florida.

It was a very small affair with only the two immediate families attending.  Bev planned the whole wedding for Stacia and did it long distance from Maine. Bev did a marvelous job securing a caterer, flowers, wedding cake as well as renting a beachfront house for the lcoation of the ceremony. 

Most dads get to walk their daughters down the aisle; I got to walk her down the beach!  It was a glorious day, sunny with a temperature near 90.  Sun, sand, surf and a terrific wedding.  The new couple will make their home in Heflin, Alabama.  We wish the happy couple a prosperous New Year!  Love, Mom and Dad!