What is Kennebunkport’s Gathering of the Scarecrows?

Scarecrow 2009 002 The Mansion’s scarecrow, “Captain Rick” says “Hello”!  This jolly fellow sits at the entrance to the Captain Lord Mansionparking lot welcoming guests to the Mansion.  He is one of a crowd of scarecrows that have mysteriously appeared in the Kennebunks during our fall harvest time.  This Saturday, October 17th, the scarecrows will gather together in Dock Square.  After a period of mingling and meeting each other, at 3:00pm they will parade along Ocean Ave to the River Green which is located in front of the Captain Lord Mansion.  After the parade, the “Gathering of the Scarecrows” party will commence at the River Green where there will be food, games and music.

Kennebunkportis celebrating the “Legend of The Scarecrows”.  Have you ever wondered where the scarecrows go at the end of each growing season?  Legend says that they begin to “gather” in October at a secret location to celebrate the new harvest and to discuss the next growing season; that is before they are blown away by November’s chilly winds!  We found this year’s “Gathering Place” and invite you all to come help us celebrate!  Your innkeeper, Captain Rick!

Scarecrow 2009 001 Dp_rivergreen