What is a Maise Maze near Kennebunkport?





Aerial View of a Corn Maze. 


Recently Bev and I took our grandson to Hershey, PA and visited a corn maze near there.  Upon entering the maze, they gave us a flag on a tall pole so they could follow everyone’s progres through the maze.  Our grandson had great fun charging ahead of us while holding the flag high in the air!

Well, it was “a-mazing” how challenging and disorienting (but fun!) a corn maze can be.  We were supposed to collect pieces of the map of PA. in order to learn more about the history of the state.  Well, we missed several geographic areas in the state!   That is how challenging and disorientating the maze was.  I think it took us about two hours to find our way out.  But we had a lot of laughs along the way.  It was so much fun watching the flags go by in adjoining paths and not be able to see the other players!

These corn labyrinths are great fun and each are unique – some have treasure hunt games (which provide guideposts) to help you find your way through, and most are now professionally designed by corn maze artists.  

If you’re going to visit a corn maze, be prepared with plenty of water and even some snacks and give it at least a couple of hours to go through the entire maze (most mazes do have “escape routes”).

Here is a link to Pumpkin Valley Farm Corn Maze which is located in Dayton, Maine about a 30 minute drive from Kennebunkportand the Captain Lord Mansion. The farm is affiliated with “The Maize”, the world’s largest corn maze company.  This year’s theme is “Under the Sea”.  Here is a aerial shot of the maze. If this sort of adventure tickles your fancy, we can give you explicit driving directions to find Pumpkin Valley Farm.  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield