What Is The Select Registry and Where Do You Find It In Kennebunkport?

Select Registry

The Select Registry, Distinguished Inns of North America is the premier guide to exceptional travel and lodging and has been a useful tool for travelers for 21 years.  Before it’s incarnation as “The Select Registry”, it was a wonderful travel guidebook called “Country Inns & Back Roads” written by Norman Simpson.  Norman began traveling New England in the mid-1960’s and wrote a little booklet about his favorite small, owner-operated lodging establishments.  Norman was the “father” of the bed & breakfast business.  During the United States bicentennial in 1976 there was a renewed interest in New England travel and the country inn lodging.  Additionally, a few folks were starting bed & breakfast inns in areas such as Kennebunkport that were well-served by restaurants.  The Captain Lord Mansion actually was put into “Country Inns & Back Roads” in 1975!  That was long before computers, cell phones, fax machines and credit cards.  Wow!  Bev and I remember those days when we took only cash and personal checks!  Also, we sent you a post card confirmation.  How times have changed!  The Select Registry now has an excellent website where you can find inns all over the US and Canada.  Also, there are interesting travel itineraries available, as well as other benefits such as the “Golden Quill Club” which is a frequent stay rewards program.  Bev and I purchased the Captain Lord Mansion in June of 1978 and we are thrilled to share stories about the early years of inn keeping!  Looking forward to stamping your book! Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield