Captain Lord Mansion Kitchen Comes Alive!

The Captain Lord Mansion kitchen is finished!  Have you ever renovated a kitchen?  Remember the old adage "the best laid plans", well we are a week overdue on opening the renovated kitchen.  But, the results are worth the wait!  The delay was caused by our not realizing the length of time required to fabricate and install new granite countertops.  Blue Rock Industries of Portland worked magic to meet our new deadline.  Installation of the countertops was done last Thursday; thus, we were able to connect the water supply to the sink Friday morning.  The gas lines to the cooktop were also completed Thursday afternoon.  As I write this, Bev is heading a team that is cleaning and moving dishes, silverware, glasses and food supplies.  Later this afternoon (Friday), David Hutchins (our maintenance supervisor) and I will move the tables and chairs and "Voila" the kitchen will be ready for action. 

I didn't get to finish this blog until today.  We served our first breakfasts on Saturday morning.  We are thrilled with how clean and bright the kitchen appears.  Come soon and experience this renovation which completes all areas of the inn to receive Bev's decorating touch!  Rick Litchfield, your innkeeper

Kitchen Remodel 004   

Kitchen Remodel 003