Top Kennebunkport Beaches

The South Coast of Maine is famous for its beaches, but did you know that there are several white sandy beaches located in Kennebunk and Kennebunkport?    Kennebunkport’s most famous beach, Goose Rocks Beach, is located a few miles drive from The Captain Lord Mansion.  However, it is worth the drive because it is a beautiful, long, curved, white sandy beach that is perfect for long walks, even in the off-season.  Gooches Beach and Mother’s Beach are both located across the river in the town of Kennebunk.  They are also great for long walks, either on the beach itself or along the sidewalk bordering the beach.  In the Summer, our Intown Trolley goes by the Kennebuk beaches every hour; it will drop you off and pick you up.  Also, there is Parson’s Beach which is located at the end of a lovely winding road lined with ancient trees.  There is very limited parking at this beach; however, again it makes a super destination for beach walking in the off-season.      Parsons_beach_425

The photo is of Parson’s Beach.  Bev and I look forward to sharing our wonderful beaches with you this season.  Your innkeeper Rick Litchfield