What is happening in the Captain Lord Mansion Kitchen?

The answer to that question is "a total redo"!  On Monday, April 6th we start renovation of the Captain Lord Mansion kitchen.  The present kitchen cabinets are over 40 years old and the appliances are also quite old.  New cabinets, new energy saving appliances, fresh paint and new wallpaper as well as new window treatments will give the kitchen a totally new look.  Despite the economic climate, we couldn't postpone renovations because of the condition of most of the appliances.  So, we are helping the economy with our own "stimulus spending".  We are excited to begin the renovations, not excited about the expense and hopeful that the guests will better enjoy a brighter fresher kitchen.  We know that our kitchen staff will be thrilled with a clean updated working environment.  We'll post blogs each week to keep you informed of the progress.  Attached are two photos of how the old looks.  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield

Kitchen_001 LG     

Kitchen_002 LG