Kennebunkport Vacation Contest Winner 2009

We Honored One Mom This Past Mother’s Day With Her Own Customized Bail-out Package!


We received 55 nominations for moms for Captain Lord Mansion’s “Mother of the Year” award!  We were blessed with all these entries to review and over which to agonize.  We certainly have been made aware of many equally-deserving mothers, most who have made life-altering sacrifices for their children and grandchildren.  It is obvious that mothers generally will give up their own comfort and security to serve in a wide variety of self-sacrificing circumstances so that sons and daughters might learn life skills or have the opportunity to serve their own children.  Our decision was very difficult and made with much prayer.  We wish we could recognize all the nominees in some fitting manner.

However, we are pleased to tell you that Leticia Gomez is our “Mother of the Year”.  Leticia is from Texas. The reason we chose Leticia is that she showed extraordinary grace and unconditional love in dealing with her step children during your early years.  Leticia’s step-daughter Cassandra nominated her with a terrifically loving and moving essay. Not every mother can withstand the hurts caused by difficult step-children.  Leticia’s actions, love and forgiveness were modeled 2,000 years ago by Jesus.  Although many people strive to model our lives after His, it is not easy to put into practice what He taught. She is like Him in her actions! Praise God for her.